My first party

I had my first party last night and damn am I exhausted but it was a lot of fun!  I didn’t know the host at all however one of her guests I knew when she walked through the door…such a small world!

Lots of laughter, drinking, talking about the products and what works when and where, and how their partners can be involved also.

I had to take evidence photos of course of the great night!  I’m looking forward to my next party!



Why I became a consultant

For the money, of course!!

Well not completely.  I’m supporting my partner while he studies IT, I work full time in an amazing job, but I’m not making the money that I would like.  I could have easily reopened my graphic design business however every single day I am in front of a computer and it annoys the hell out of me!  So I started to look for something that would get me out of the house and away from a computer.

I looked at the usual suspects; Tupperware, Nutrimetics, Howards Storage, The Body Shop etc however none of them appealed to me.  I’ve got an outgoing (not shy!) personality, I don’t like makeup and I’m not one to care about containers so I started looking for something a bit naughty.

I have done my Bachelor of Business Marketing, I’ve worked professionally as a graphic designer and I have the drive to make my business up and running.  Plus my friends would be more interested in a dildo than a container! :)

There are plenty of adult party businesses out there so I looked into the details of several of them but the one that appealed to me was A Bit Rude.  The marketing of it alone was appealing because it didn’t look like some backyard business.  The commission was higher than the other places and they had the option to pay off the kit.  I spoke with the owner and I could tell he knew exactly what he was talking about and has been a great support.

Once I was in I got to see the great network of consultants from all the chatter that goes on within our Facebook community.  Everyone is very helpful and supportive and there is always someone around to lend a hand or answer a question.

So I have my first party booked for 2 weeks time and I’m extremely excited but nervous!  Once I get the first one done then those nerves will disappear I am sure!

If you are interested in becoming a consultant, get in contact with me and I am happy to discuss the process with you.

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